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diabetic iphone app

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With free database updates
DF Diary is a diabetic iPhone app designed to help diabetics keep control:

  • Keep an online diary of your blood sugar levels, medication and nutritional values; that can be accessed wherever you are.
  • A database of English foods showing Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Fat & Sat Fat
  • Currently 13 restaurants, and increasing, to help control what you are eating when out and about.
  • Help carb counting – through the database and uses your carb:insulin ratio to suggest an insulin dose. Taking away the calculation of carb counting.
  • Gives data in graph form to help you and your healthcare team.

diabetic iphone app

The homepage of the diabetic iPhone app shows all the sections of the app and can be accessed from all pages by clicking on the top left icon.

The Diary section shows all you daily entries for Meals, Glucose and Medication. You can see the entries all together or by category by choosing Meals, Glucose, Meds or All from the bottom of the page. If you wish to view what the entry consists of you can click on the entry and see the components of the entry, if you have entered this by mistake you can delete the entry from the bottom of the screen.

There are two ways of making a diary entry. The first is by a manual entry, this is good if you have the product you are eating in front of you, like a shop bought prepackaged sandwich. When on the diary screen click on the add entry button + on the top right corner. You can enter the nutritional values of the food and click continue, the next screen will be where you can enter your medication units, glucose and time of entry.

You can also make glucose and medication entries on there own, so if you take your glucose or medication at a time when you have not eaten but still wish to record the information you can, just click continue on the Add Custom Entry screen this will take you direct to the Glucose and Medication screen.

The other way of entering a diary entry is by searching the database, from the homepage click on search; there are lots of everyday foods as well as restaurants. Search by name of food or by selecting a category.

If your restaurant is not on the database try a similar one, however remember this is a guide only.

Search for individual items that are on your plate to see the nutritional value of your meal.

Once you have selected the food you searched for you can add this to your meal then either continue searching to build your meal or go to current meal.

The current meal will show you the nutritional values of the whole meal and list the ingredients you have entered.

If you have entered a carb:insulin ratio on the website or on settings a suggested insulin dose will be given.

You can delete an entry by swiping the ingredient you no longer want to add.

To add this meal to you diary click on add meal to Diary.

If you regularly eat a meal you can save it in my meal. Click on Add meal to My Meals. This will save time rather than building that risotto from scratch each time!

Once saved the meals will appear on the My Meal screen. Click on the meal you wish to add and the items of the meal will appear, you can then add to diary or delete a food item that is not in that meal this time.

The entries in your diary can also be viewed in a graph format. From the homepage screen choose reports and then select the type of report you want.

Decide on the date range – this will default to 1 Months data, but can be changed.

The graph for glucose shows daily entries in green and an average line for the day. The nutritional graphs show the totals for the day, and a comparison line in blue for your targets that can be set in settings.

This report can be emailed to your diabetic specialist straight from the app.

You can set up and change your carb:insulin ratio and also your nutritional targets in the settings menu.

View and post on the forum, this is also linked to the site. So you can access the forum anywhere.

Once registered you can use the website – this will give you access to more graphs, stories and recipe ideas.

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